Jun 24, 2011

Alien Apple Studios : Taste the difference!

Who we are :
Alien Apple Studios is a new conceptual design studio freshly landed in the North West of England. Our key crew members hail from a long heritage of entertainment design ranging from comics, illustration , film and video games development.

Our Earthbound mission:
Alien Apple Studios key objective is to offer studios across the entertainment industry a broad range of truly creative conceptualisation and design skills. It is our mission to enable our human clients to develop the best product and IP they possibly can.

Services provided:
Alien Apple Studios  comes armed to the teeth with a full array of artistic weaponry and special operational skills. We offer : Conceptual design ( vehicle , environmental, character , creature),  'key moment' visualisation , product branding and Identity , graphic design, UI and in-game hud design, motion graphic visualisation, Storyboard and motion board animatics.

More soon.....watch the skies!


  1. Wow!! I love the pictures that you put above, did you use after effects, nuke, blender, what programs do you use to create this stuff?

  2. We use a variety of programs for our work including 3D Studio Max, After Effects and a lot of Photoshop ! Be sure to call back on Monday when our portfolio goes live with alot more work to look at!

    Thanks for the comment ;-)